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Library Rules for Students

1. All the registered students of the college will be the members of the library.
The membership shall be valid till the summer examination.
2. The staff members (Teaching & non-teaching) should return all the books at the end of the academic year i.e. before 30th April.
3. All the student may get one borrower’s tickets of the library
4. Against the borrowers’ ticket members can borrow one book at a time for seven days. If the borrowed book/s is/are not in demand or reserved, then the book/s can be renewed for seven days only.
5. If the book/s is/are not returned to the library within the prescribed limit of time, the late fee will be imposed as Rs. 1/- per book per day
6. Reference books, rare books current issues or bound volumes of periodicals shall not be issued at home.
7. In case of loss of borrowers’ ticket, immediately inform to the library in this regard. The new B.T. may be issued against the payment of Rs. 5/-.
8. If the book/s is/are teared, damaged or lost the member have to replace the same by new one or have to pay latest price with the incidental charges decided by the library.
9. It is essential to have an identity card of the college while entering in the library.
10. Disturbing the library will be penalized.
11. While issuing the book kindly verify the book is in good condition, if not pleased inform to the librarian.